The goal of the companies supporting the Bulgarian Film Guidelines initiative is to establish a resource where the rules on how Bulgarian productions work in the Covid 19 production environment is available to everyone and updated as new information, rules and testing protocols become available. 

The Bulgarian Film Guidelines site was created from the input of over 20 of the largest Production Companies and Studios working in Bulgaria along with adapting rules and procedures from the EU Guidelines on Basic Safety Rules for Risk Protection Against Contagion of SARS-COV-2 During Filming as well as other industry sources.

The Bulgarian Film Guidelines organization has also focused on creating a strong testing protocol working with Genica Labs LTD to develop a strategy geared to the needs of film, series and commercial production. It is our belief that while PPE, Hygiene, Social Distancing and production rules play a very important role, it is a strong testing protocols that will ultimately provide contagion security to productions.